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Noel Luneburg

Post by Noel Luneburg on Thu May 15, 2014 5:37 am

Hey BSR club,

I have been with iRacing for almost half a year. I have mostly been driving the Mustang and the BMW Z4 GT3, but also plenty of other means of transport during the Road Warrior series for example.

I found out about this league by watching a video in which Matt Malone displayed himself driving with you guys. It looks exciting, great cars and track combination and the races fit my schedule.

I'd like to run in the BSR GT Sprint Cup. Unfortunately I don't have a team yet, so if anyone is looking for a member or is interested in setting one up, let me know!

And a question; are the rules for this league stated somewhere? I might have been slightly daft and missed a link to it, or are they identical to the Sporting Code?

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