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Post by Robert Graham2 on Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:08 am

Hello, I'm Rob, and I'm an alcoholic....shit wrong forum again!! lol

Seriously though, you'll see me as Robert Graham2 in iracing or mumble. I'm 38 going on 12. Just got iRacing about a week ago now and loving it, was quick to hunt out a BTCC championship as that's my favourite motorsport :)go flash!!

As you might have guessed im into motorsports lol BTCC, F1, WRC and motogp being my main ones of interest. But im also a HUGE boxing fan and have boxed a little on and off for years now (want some!! lol)

Not the quickest and probs close to being the slowest haha but I do try and race fair and clean, If I take you out at anytime it has been a genuine accident/miscalculation, I would and will never take anyone out on purpose (unless you piss me off of course haha)

Just built my own fairly bitching gaming PC cos got fed up of xbox online communities full a people wi no brains or manners....realise there is plenty like that on pc too haha but they tend to be less common.

Use the driving force gt steering wheel, which I just got yesterday an hour before the media session haha made for an interesting first try out though lol

Have a 7 year old daughter (going on 37) and a 7 month old boxer/American bulldog. Drive a 328 coupe in real life, which is my other baby. and have to say I drive that a lot better than the cars in iracing lol im old school and drive by feel, so struggle with games cos I canny feel the grip levels through my arse!!

anyhow, bored youse all long enough now, so happy racing and hope to catch yas on the track Smile

ps. big thanks to ellis who introduced me to bsr and has been a great help since meeting in the virtual world, cheers dude!!
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