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James Gahagan

Post by James Gahagan on Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:13 pm

Hi Guys,

Just checking in. New to BSTtv but not new to iRacing and certainly not new to Sim-Racing.

I manage www.teameor.com (used to be a simracing league many moons ago, but now justa team) and we are looking to compete in some of the GT champs you run here. Most of us also like the KIAs too so you may be seeing a lot of us!  Very Happy 

Watched a few of the replays of the GT champ and I must say (from experience of making this sort of thing myself) they look really good. Well presented! Keep up the good work.

Looking at the memberlist I see a few names I recognise and that I have raced against cleanly so I'm looking forward to getting involved.

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